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ISSUE 3 (4) 2009
Logic, DNA, and Poetry
Steve Talbott
Ghosts in the Evolutionary Machinery: The Strange, Disembodied Life of Digital Organisms
Steve Talbott
A Taste for Number Magic
Steve Talbott
Who Conceives of Society?
Ernst von Glasersfeld
The Issue of Reductionism: A Radical Constructivist Approach to the Philosophy of Physics
Andreas Quale
And The Meme Raths Outgrabe
Donnya Wheelwell
Sri Aurobindo’s “Universal Realism” and the Doctrine of
Cosmic Illusion
Marcel Kvassay
Sri Aurobindo, India and Ideological Discourse
Debashish Banerji

ISSUE 3 (3) 2009
Consciousness: A Natural History
Maxine Sheets-Johnstone
The Location and Reconstruction of a Byzantine Structure in Marea, Egypt Including a Comparison of Electronic Remote Sensing and Remote Viewing
Stephan A Schwartz
And She Came Back
Joe Waldron

ISSUE 3 (2) 2009
Does evolution explain human nature? Except where it matters
Simon Conway Morris
Does the universe have a purpose? Perhaps
Paul Davies
Does the universe have a purpose? Yes
John Haught
Economic recovery? No thank you
Carolyn Baker
Heehs on Sri Aurobindo and Indian communalism
Marcel Kvassay
Deconstruction and consciousness: the question of unity
William S Haney II
Cybernetics is an antihumanism: Advanced technologies and the rebellion against the human condition
Jean-Pierre Dupuy
An empirical case against materialism
Andrew Clifton

ISSUE 3 (1) 2009
To Darwin: A Birthday Manifesto
David Loye
Transformations and Transformers: Spirituality and the Academic Study of Mysticism
G. William Barnard
The Forgotten September 11 and the Clasp of Civilizations
Richard Hartz
Untold Potentialities: India and the World in the Third Millennium
Richard Hartz
Spiritual Physics
Ulrich Mohrhoff
An Aurobindonian Discourse
Ulrich Mohrhoff

ISSUE 2 (4) 2008
Money and the Crisis of Civilization PDF
Charles Eisenstein 7-13
Arthur J Deikman 15-21
Evaluating Spiritual and Utopian Groups PDF
Arthur J Deikman 23-32
The Psychology of Atheism PDF
Paul C Vitz 33-44
A Mathematician’s Lament PDF
Paul Lockhart 45-71
Lockhart’s Lament — the Sequel PDF
Keith Devlin 73-79
Why the Future Doesn’t Need Us (abridged) PDF
Bill Joy 81-91
Life-Energy and Spiritual Experience PDF
Steve Taylor 93-106

ISSUE 2 (3) 2008
An introduction to radical constructivism PDF
Ernst von Glasersfeld 5-20
Facts and the self from a constructivist point of view PDF
Ernst von Glasersfeld 21-32
Learning as a constructive activity PDF
Ernst von Glasersfeld 33-49
Evolution of consciousness according to Jean Gebser PDF
Ulrich J Mohrhoff 51-78
Evolution vs. naturalism: why they are like oil and water PDF
Alvin Plantinga 79-84
A comment on Alvin Plantinga, “Evolution vs. naturalism” PDF
Ulrich J Mohrhoff 85-86
Following the bread crumbs to the end of ultimate meaning PDF
Avraham Allan Cohen 87-94
The scientific exploration of consciousness: towards an adequate epistemology PDF
Willis Harman 95-105
The atheist delusion: answering Richard Dawkins PDF
Greg Taylor 107-112
Synchronicity: the key to destiny PDF
Frank Joseph 113-119

ISSUE 2 (2) 2008

Materialism PDF
Sri Aurobindo 1-8
Beyond Natural Selection and Intelligent Design: Sri Aurobindo’s Theory of Evolution PDF
Ulrich J Mohrhoff 9-31
Sri Aurobindo and Hinduism PDF
Peter Heehs 33-45
Indian Spiritual Knowledge and the Psychology Curriculum PDF
Matthijs Cornelissen 47-57
Should We Expect To Feel As If We Understand Consciousness? PDF
Mark C Price 59-70
Diseases of Meaning, Manifestations of Health, and Metaphor PDF
Kim Jobst, Daniel Shostak, Peter J Whitehouse 71-80
Awakening the Genius Within PDF
Yasuhiko Genku Kimura 81-85
Can the New Science of Evo–Devo Explain the Form of Organisms? PDF
Steve Talbott 87-102

ISSUE 2 (1) 2008
Agenda of an integral consciousness mutation / world transformation PDF
Ulrich J Mohrhoff 9-16
Radical constructivism — childhood’s end PDF
Ulrich J Mohrhoff 17-25
Realism: the bane of science education, and what can be done about it PDF
Ulrich J Mohrhoff 27-37
There’s no leaving the bubble of consciousness: Herbert Müller’s 0-D epistemology PDF
Ulrich J Mohrhoff 39-45
Is God really good? PDF
Granville Sewell 47-54
A response to Granville Sewell, “Is God really good?” PDF
Karen Litfin 55-57
The riddle of this world PDF
Sri Aurobindo 59-64
The problem of pain PDF
Sri Aurobindo 65-71
There are no easy problems of consciousness PDF
E J Lowe 73-80
The next new world PDF
Chrisopher Holvenstot 81-89

ISSUE 1 (2) 2007
Dismissing God PDF
Donald D Hoffman 15-20
Sri Aurobindo on Subliminal Consciousness PDF
Sri Aurobindo 21-54
Fodor on Adaptationism PDF
Ulrich J Mohrhoff 55-60
Sewell on Darwinism and the Second Law PDF
Ulrich J Mohrhoff 61-70
What Does Mysticism Have To Teach Us About Consciousness? PDF
Robert K C Forman 71-89
The Secret of the Veda PDF
Satprem 91-96
Buried in the Sands of Time: The Gospel According to Thomas PDF
Medhananda 97-110
The Spiritual Tradition at the Roots of Western Civilization PDF
Peter Kingsley 111-141
Raven’s Appearance: The Language of Prophecy PDF
Peter Kingsley 161-164

ISSUE 1 (1) 2007
What Buddhist Meditation has to Tell Psychology About the Mind PDF
Eleanor H Rosch 11-21
Particles, Consciousness, Volition: A Vedantic Vision PDF
Ulrich J Mohrhoff 23-53
The Quantum World, the Mind, and the Cookie Cutter Paradigm PDF
Ulrich J Mohrhoff 55-90
Memory Without a Trace PDF
Stephen Braude 91-106
Acquisition of Donor Traits by Heart Transplant Recipients PDF
Paul Pearsall, Gary E R Schwartz, Linda G S Russek 107-114
Who's Afraid of Life After Death PDF
Neal Grossman 115-130
The Quantum Mechanical Worldpicture and Its Popularization PDF
Dennis G B J Dieks 131-143
A State of Belief is a State of Being PDF
Charles Eisenstein 145-153