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Ulrich J Mohrhoff
(Managing Editor)

Stephen Braude
Philosophy Department, University of Maryland Baltimore County, United States

Matthijs Cornelissen
Indian Psychology Institute, India

Mae-Wan Ho
Director, Institute of Science in Society, United Kingdom

Robert Maurice Kleinman
Professor of Philosophy Emeritus, United States

Ervin Laszlo
The Club of Budapest, Hungary

Karen T Litfin
Department of Political Science, University of Washington, United States

Peter B Lloyd
Writer, United Kingdom

Roger D Nelson
Director, Global Consciousness Project, United States

Benny Shanon
The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel

Editorial Advisors

Brant Cortright
California Institute of Integral Studies, United States

Robert K C Forman
The Forge Institute and Hunter College, United States

Ashok Kumar Gangadean
Haverford College, United Kingdom

Piet Hut
Institute for Advanced Study, Princeton, United States

Michael Murphy
Esalen Institute, United States

Anand Paranjpe
Professor Emeritus, SFU Psychology, Canada

Aster Patel
Centre of Indian Studies, Auroville, India

Stephen Phillips
Department of Philosophy and Asian Studies, University of Texas at Austin, United States

Olivier Pironneau
Laboratoire d’Analyse Numerique, University of Paris VI, France